Barker-Cypress Municipal Utility District

Welcome to the new website for Barker-Cypress Municipal Utility District (“Barker-Cypress MUD”). We hope you find this new website valuable and encourage Barker-Cypress MUD residents to use the menu above to learn more about the district, meetings, and important news in the district.

Through the District’s website you can easily find links to the following services:

Resource Sharing Plan

Barker-Cypress MUD (the “District”) provides potable drinking water to your address. In an effort to minimize disruption of water service throughout the District during an emergency where widespread power outages may be encountered, the District has partnered with neighboring water districts to share resources during such events as part of its emergency response (the “Resource Sharing Plan”).

This message is to inform you the District will be testing its resource sharing plan throughout the month of July 2021. Please be aware some service issues such as periodic reductions of water pressure or changes in water color could occur as a result of the test, but these issues should be minimal and temporary in nature.

We appreciate your understanding as we prepare for emergencies in our community. If you have any questions about the tests or your water service, please contact our Operator, Inframark, LLC, at (281) 398-8211.